Overwatch Protection Training Courses

   Your trusted training source for Safety, fun, and Self-Defense

        At OPS we firmly believe that every person has the right to live and work in a safe environment, and to defend themselves

         when that safety is threatened.  It is our dedication to this belief that drives our educational and defense training programs.

         These training courses will give you the knowledge to safely and effectively handle yourself and your firearm for both sport,

         and if necessary, self defense.  Our offered courses and Instructors are NRA certified and are always family friendly.


         A short Course Brief of each program offered is listed below.



                                                 FirearmInstruction,Responsibility, &SafetyTraining


                                                 This training course is designed to educate the student on basic orientation of a firearm, proper handling

                                                 of the gun, and effective shooting techniques.  Each student receives one-on-one instruction in both the

                                                 classroom, and at the shooting range.  Successful graduates will receive an NRA certificate of completion.

                                                 We highly recommend graduates of this course further their education with subsequent firearm courses.

        Basic Shotgun 

                                                    The basic shotgun course is designed to walk the student from the basics to more advanced skills.

                                                    Students enjoy an enthusiastic and creative atmosphere as they learn about the basic functions

                                                    of a shotgun, selecting the right gun to suit their fit and needs, safe firearm handling, and proper 

                                                    shooting stances and techniques.  Successful graduates will receive an NRA certificate of completion.

                                                    We strongly recommend that graduates enter the Shotgun Marksmanship Qualification Program. 

        Basic Pistol

                                                  The Basic Pistol class carries the student from handgun introduction to effective shooting on the range.

                                                  Students of this class enjoy the same hands-on training that is offered in any other course. 

                                                  This fosters confidence and a solid knowledge in handgun safety, function, and effective shooting. 

                                                  Upon successful completion of this program, graduates will receive an NRA certificate of completion.

                                                  All graduates are greatly encouraged to participate in the Pistol Marksmanship Qualification Program.



                                                     In this program the student learns skills to protect themselves and their families at home.

                                                     This course points out some of the things that play a factor in daily safety and security, and the basic

                                                     steps that can be taken to minimize or eliminate these threats.  The Personal Protection in the Home

                                                     program helps the student prepare themselves and their loved ones in the event of an incident at home.

                                                     Graduates receive an NRA certificate of completion and are encouraged to continue advanced courses.