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    We offer a variety of solutions for your protection needs  

A service brief for each option is listed below for your information and convenience


     Uniformed Services

                                                      Uniformed Protection Specialists are the most popular choice of protection by businesses with

                                                             employees or property to protect at a specific location(s). 

                                                             OPS officers are easily noticed by the would-be criminal, and are an outstanding deterrent. 

                                                             Seeing our uniformed officers on your premises provides a very convincing reason to move on.  

                                                             In addition to crime deterrence, our Protection Specialists will be be noticed and appreciated by

                                                             your employees and clientele most of all.


                                                                                                                                                                       Plain Clothes      

       Plain Clothes Protection Specialists are specifically designed to minimize the attention drawn to 

                                                                                                                 themselves and their protected assets. 

      This option is best when attention is not wanted, but protection is.  One of the benefits of choosing

       OPS Plain Clothes Officers is they are not noticeable to others, therefore increasing the officer's

       response capabilities.  The response time can be much quicker, and allows the element of surprise.  

       Always a good choice when discretion is wanted, or needed by any of the parties involved. 

      Executive Protection

                                                                 Executive Protection Specialists are the ultimate in close personal protection retained by various

                                                                 high level executives, corporate board members, high interest private persons, and many more.

                                                                 This form of protection is best for those seeking a 'real world' and discreet form of protection.

                                                                 We offer Executive Protection Specialists with the knowledge and experience to keep you safe

                                                                 in any environment.  This service is designed to be customized, and tailored to your specific

                                                                 wants and needs.  You will be covered with serious protection while maintaining discretion.

                                                                                                                                       Private Investigations     

       Private Investigations can be a solid asset to you or your company for a multitude of situations.

       Using an OPS Private Investigator can remove an enormous work load from your daily tasks.

       Retaining our Investigators will allow for you to focus on other concerns that may be more

       pressing, and will also save you time, as investigations are usually very time consuming for an

       investigator.  Overwatch Investigators are recruited from the law enforcement, military police,

       and corporate investigation backgrounds.   Accurate reports, and records you can count on.