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The Overwatch Protection Difference

demonstrating excellence in service


                                                    The Beginning

                                                    What can we do to show our clients and their customers that we go the extra distance?  It was this

                                                    thought that started everything here at Overwatch Protection Services, and remains the driving force

                                                    behind everything we do for our clients on a daily basis.  Whether it be in the office, on site, or on the

                                                    road, our commitment continues to show as we strive to set ourselves apart through our readiness,

                                                    customer service, and professionalism on the job.

        Our number one recruiting pool is from all 5 military branches.  We also regularly retain our

        personnel from the law enforcement and high level security fields.  The reason for this is two-fold:

           1. Overwatch Protection Services is dedicated to ensuring that we do our part to support our

                troops and returning veterans.  One of the most important ways of supporting our veterans is

                to ensure that they are connected with, and retain meaningful employment upon re-entering

                the civilian world.  

             2. Through the employment of these highly trained individuals; OPS and our clients know that we are retaining

                 personnel with proven track records that have a built-in understanding of the world we live in and the unstable

                 circumstances that they are about to protect against.  This not only ensures your safety and protection, but also

                 transfers substantial savings to you, the client. 

                                                        In addition to the peace of mind and real protection you receive from experienced veterans;

                                                        OPS personnel demonstrate great pride in their daily appearance.  You can rest assured that

                                                        every Protection Specialist will report for duty, looking sharp and displaying the excellence

                                                        and attention to detail that you and your patrons expect and deserve.  Overwatch Protection

                                                        Specialists understand that as the front lines of defense for your location, they not only set forth

                                                        an example of themselves and OPS, but for the client as well.  Many times our personnel are the

                                                        first individuals a visitor or worker will encounter.   As such, we dedicate ourselves daily to

                                                        projecting an image of capability, safety, and customer service.


         At Overwatch Protection Services we dedicate ourselves daily to the protection and positive

        image of our clients.  When we say our clients come first, we mean we will go to great lengths

        to  ensure your satisfaction with our services.  Our team members, leaders, and management

        all begin each day of duty by starting at the beginning, and asking:


                                 "What can we do to go above and beyond for those we serve?".  

                                                        We'll let you be the judge..  CALL US!